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Harpenden Junior training information

09 Apr 2019

HI All

I hope everyone is well and those that came to the winter training gained something from it.

A few things to let you know about.

The pavilion is well on the way but won’t be completed until the 11th May.  We will still look to begin Junior training earlier.

Training will start at the cricket club on the Friday 26th April.  These sessions will have the following age groups:

6-7pm - year 3 (u8) and year 4 (u9)
7-8pm - year 5 (u10) and year 6 (u11)

Then on Sunday the 28th April the following times and age groups will train:

9-10.15am - girls training

9-10.15am - year 7 (u12)

10.15-11.45am - year 8 (u13)

10.15-11.45 - year 9 and 10 (u14/u15)

For younger ages the club will be running All Stars Cricket on a Saturday morning from 9-10am and can sign up via the following link.


Membership forms will be sent out shortly for contact details etc.  If these could be sent in asap it would be a great help.

If anyone has any questions then please let me know.

Thanks Scott
Harpenden Director of Junior Cricket